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The outstanding features of our HIGH SPEED models

Quality, creativity and speed

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The EXILIM HIGH SPEED models are equipped for the highest demands. Our most advanced technology makes functions possible that were never before dreamed of in a compact camera. Professional photo design with blurred background, creative colours with HDR Art, the Wide Shot function for a 14-mm wide angle and the 36x Multi Frame SR Zoom are just a few examples of the new functions available. The speed of every function is outstanding. The fastest EXILIM models yet. These cameras amaze!

Three features - one first-class experience


Fast reaction time

Impressive speed for unique photos. One - two - ready:
The EX-ZR700 is the Formula 1 of the compact camera world. With a start-up time less than one second, it is ready for operation like no other camera. Its super fast auto focus focusses on the subject in just 0.18 seconds. All you then need to do is press the release shutter and look for the next motif. With a shooting interval of just 0.26 seconds, the EX-ZR700 won't let another moment slip by. Photography has never been so convenient and spontaneous.


High performance

Exceptionally complex and brilliant pictures without losing contrast, sharpness or colour. The lightning-fast image processor - the EXILIM Engine HS - creates unique photos in a matter of seconds thanks to functions such as HDR, Multi Frame SR Zoom and Premium Auto mode.

The HDR function combines an exposure range from light to dark into a single brilliant photo with high depth of contrast. This means that both light and dark surfaces are emphasised equally, while dazzling or overly dark areas are toned down.

The Multi Frame SR Zoom combines the image information from several shots into one amazing photo. This innovative technology doubles the zoom range with amazingly high quality.

In Premium Auto mode, the camera automatically recognises typical subject situations and adjusts the settings accordingly - regardless of whether they are portrait, landscape or night pictures. This allows you to focus your full attention on the subject.

The Premium Auto Pro mode offers the BEST SHOT subject and high-speed programs for perfect photos. The latest EX-ZR models also feature the Premium Auto Movie function.

Wide Shot - this function allows 18 and 14-mm or 19 and 15-mm super-wide angle settings.

HS Night Shot technology allows you to take photos, even at night. And with no flash required*.


Multiple artistic options

See the world through new eyes! The HDR Art function uses HDR technology to create artistic photos and videos**. It controls the contrast and colour saturation of the analized motifs and uses this information to produce unique effects.

A sharp portrait photo with a blurred background can be especially beautiful, because it really emphasises the person in the foreground. Photograph with style and like a professional - the Blurred Background creates the right emphasis.

After HDR Art comes Art Shot — a second function for creating artistic and creative photos. You can choose from seven effects levels, such as toy camera, miniature, soft focus or sepia***.

* Night Shot function only in EX-ZR1000, EX-ZR700, EX-ZR400, EX-ZR300 & EX-ZR20
** videofunction only EX-ZR1000, EX-ZR700, EX-ZR400, EX-ZR300, EX-ZR200 & EX-ZR20
*** Art Shot function in EX-ZR1000, EX-ZR700, EX-ZR400, EX-ZR300 & EX-ZR20